Thursday, 28 July 2016

The Fourteas - Stratford Upon Avon

Stratford upon Avon is a well known medieval town in the west midlands of England. It is the birthplace of William Shakespeare meaning it is one of england's most popular tourist attractions.
Taken from Google images as I forgot to take a pic of shop front! 
The Fourteas tearoom is situated on Sheep street and is a theatrical tea room entirely themed on 40s Britain. I had seen a review on it AGES ago and have been dying to go since.
We arrived to Stratford early afternoon and after a wander around the quaint shops we headed towards the tea room, it was a friday so they were busy but not packed.

Wednesday, 13 July 2016

Meet me at the cupcake cafe - book review

Meet me at the cupcake cafe follows the story of Issy Randall, a hopeless romantic and brilliant baker.

The storyline starts off with Issy being made redundant by her boss/part-time lover. She is completely thrown in at the deep end when forced to find a new job.
But it has been a long time since Issy has been truly happy, her gramps is extremely ill and whilst he still offers her his years old knowledge of baking, his condition is worsening.

So Issy takes a gamble and opens up a cupcake cafe in a small courtyard, hiring lovely Pearl and bossy Caroline. Two completely different women the start they hate one another, but eventually grow to love each other. Her bank adviser Austin gives her a new insight on life with his positivity, and for a while things do well at the cafe. Then her lover returns on the scene and threatens to ruin Issys happiness at her sweet little cafe.

It was my first book by Jenny Colgan, she creates characters well and I could picture each person very clearly in my imagination.
I felt a real fondness for Issy and Pearl especially.
The book however is a little confusing as it did change to a different characters viewpoint mid scene. I am not sure if I liked this as it meant the story lost its structure.

I enjoyed the book but I felt at times I got a little bored and I could predict what was going to happen next. The best part for me was the start of every chapter as there was a lovely little recipe for a cake or batch of cupcakes, I thought it gave the book a unique side that appealed to my passion for baking.

Tuesday, 28 June 2016

BBC Good Food Show Summer 2016

The BBC Good Food Show is a food festival held within the Uk at different times of the year. Its a chance to discover new products and flavours, whilst watching chefs demonstrate their talents live on stage.
I visited the BBC Good Food Show (Summer) at the NEC in birmingham on the Friday the 17th of June.
With over 200 exhibitors including local produce and home baked goods, there was so much to chose from!

What did I watch?

We had booked tickets to watch Alan Titchmarsh and Mary Berry in the supertheatre at 1.00pm 
Which meant we had all morning to browse, have some brunch and then enjoy the show. 
Alan and Mary were welcomed onto the stage by a cheery presenter and then the two created one of Mary's summer fish dishes live on stage.
Taken from the cook book "Mary Berry : Foolproof cooking" Mary baked salmon fillets coated with a cream cheese spread and then arranged some red peppers over the top.
Accompanied by a broad bean, fresh pea and asparagus salad, this is where Alan Titchmarsh gave his knowledge on growing greens and the best herbs to use.

Saturday, 25 June 2016

Tomato and Courgette Risotto

 This delectable dish uses tomato juice as well as stock to give the rice more depth in flavour. It is incredibly creamy but.... made entirely without cream, making it wonderful for both vegetarians and vegans.


(Serves 2 people as a main meal)

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